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The Most Beautiful Time of the Year is Almost Here

by Sandra W. on November 13, 2019

Can you believe it? Stores are decking out with Christmas Decor, way to early for my taste, and ads are starting to pop up reminding you that it is time to think "Christmas Presents". 

It is not really terribly exciting to shop for presents starting in October, but there are some huge benefits to getting into the spirit early. 

For one it's "Time". Time to make your nice and naughty list. Time to think of thoughtful gifts. Time to shop for useful gifts. Time to shop online and get products delivered way ahead of Christmas. And finally more time at the end to enjoy time with family and friends instead of fighting the masses in desperately finding last minute goodies.

Get in the game now and enjoy the ride. It is not fun to stress towards the finish line just to realize you forgot someone. Remember what it feels like to procrastinate and run out last minute only to find what's left over or out of stock. Remember what it feels like to sweat the day before Christmas, hoping your online order will still arrive in time? You can avoid it all. 

We love this time of the year, when leaves are changing colors, when temperatures fall and it's time to break out cozy sweatshirts and hoodies and add new stuff to your wardrobe. It's time to dust off fireplaces and cozy up with super soft blankets on the couch, with a hot chocolate and your favorite book or movie. 

white bedroom and bed with pink gold marbled cowgirl cute plush blanket

Cowgirl Cute Blankets

Did we say blanket? Cozy and soft? Ahhh, just imagine wrapping yourself in a cuddly soft minky blanket, enjoying a hot cup of "Gluehwein". What is "Gluehwein" you ask? It is a favorite and delicious hot drink to keep you warm from the inside out and is one of my favorite drinks around Christmas time (Link for recipe at the end of post :)

But now back to Blanket talk. We love blankets, we have a million blankets around our home and everyone from kids to dogs love cuddling up in them. And we add more to our cuddle collection each year. This year we designed some cute and fun minky blankets which are definitely a hit with everyone.

Here is our new idea for this year. Instead of sending Christmas Cards to family and friends, send a cozy blanket with a cute design and/or quote. Cards get thrown out, blankets will last forever. Cards look pretty on the mantel, blankets feature heartwarming designs and keep your loved ones warm and cozy. What would you rather receive in the mail? Card or Blanket? 

Check out our new and limit selection of Minky Christmas Blankets HERE.

Gluehwein Recipe:

Pour Red Wine into pot and heat up, add sugar to your liking and some cinnamon sticks, a couple of slices of lemon and let sit for 5 min. Drink hot and enjoy!